Commercial and Industrial Concrete Solutions

Rollinger Companies offer several commercial and industrial concrete solutions. Our professional team will consult with you to meet the needs of your project. Make sure that your concrete work will last for a long time and contact us today to learn how we can help you preserve it.

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Air and Vapor Barriers

Prevent all moisture from entering your concrete with professionally applied air and vapor barriers. Our barriers keep moisture out, and give your concrete the best longevity.

Joint Sealing

Rollinger Companies has extensive experience in concrete joint sealing, expansion concrete joints, and concrete waterproofing. This can include joints in masonry, precast, concrete, fire sealants, security sealants as well as submersible sealants in chemical filled and water tanks. Resealing joints is maintenance item; look to Rollinger Companies to help replace your sealants.

Clean and Seal

Restore your worn or dirty concrete floors with us. We can remove stains, marks, and other damage that is keeping your commercial floor from appearing professional; from powerwashing to sandblasting.

Surface Prep

Reduce lifelong maintenance by correctly preparing your concrete flooring. Our concrete surface prep services ensure a that your concrete will have a long life and look better with reduced maintenance required. Don't begin your next project without ensuring proper preparation of your concrete. Contact us to learn more.

Floor Leveling

Concrete can sag over time or can be off-level if poorly poured. This can make re-finishing the floor, or laying down a covering such as tile impossible. Let us prepare your floor for your project by ensuring that it is completely flat and even.

Corrective Grinding

Remove all bumps and uneven surfaces quickly through corrective grinding. Our grinding services can remove any variability in your concrete surface. Interested in learning more? Contact us!

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