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We can provide a multitude of options in decorative concrete coatings. At Rollinger Companies we install traffic membranes, epoxy flake, epoxy aggregate, epoxy pebble rock (River Rock), metallic coatings for concrete in Billings, MT, along with many other options. We cover all sizes of projects from residential to large industrial projects. In addition to application for aesthetic reasons, our decorative coatings have protective qualities which can help enhance the life of your concrete work.

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Concrete Polishing

Need to improve your concrete work, but are on a tight budget? Rollinger Companies has the experience and polishing equipment to give new or existing concrete floors a durable finish. This versatility makes polished concrete an ideal flooring material for a variety of commercial and residential applications. It can be a great alternative to marble, granite, tile or linoleum. Polishing concrete, when properly performed and maintained, provides a lifetime floor; at a fraction of the cost of most floors. Concrete polishing is a multi-step process that requires specialized heavy-duty equipment and skilled operator to prepare the surface for polishing.

Exposed Aggregate

There are a lot of options when it comes to exposing aggregate for polished concrete floors. Aggregates (rock and sand) are added to concrete to increase it's finished strength and durability. Aggregates are much stronger than the other materials in concrete and help prevent cracking and deterioration. For polished concrete floors with exposed aggregate, the color and size of the aggregate is carefully selected to compliment the design of your project. We grind and polish using a variety of aggressive diamond and chemical processing depending on the desired look.

Stains and Dyes

If you would like to add some color to your concrete work, the use of acid stains and dyes are a way of customizing your concrete surface to your tastes. Acid stains are popular, as they provide an unpredictable mottled appearance as the acid reacts with the concrete. Acid stains can be polished as well; however, they are difficult to get a high shine and clarity, and costly. For clients interested in a unique, modern appearance for their floors strains are an excellent option for decorative concrete coatings.

Concrete dyes provide a more consistent color and with a wider spectrum of colors to choose from; custom colors are available. Concrete dyes are widely used during the polishing process. With the color selection, dyes are sought after for logos and stencils, along with other custom options.

Epoxy and Coatings

There are many different types of coatings that can be applied to concrete surfaces. Epoxy coatings are a great option if you are looking for tough and attractive flooring. They combine polymer resins and hardeners that result in a chemical bond with the concrete. Plus, there are many colors and decorative options to choose from. Epoxy provides a more durable surface than floor paint and is easy to clean that resists stains from spills.

Custom Stenciling and Logos

Concrete floors can be personalized with company logos or unique graphic designs. Logos and graphics can easily be recreated on concrete floors. Concrete logos are a great way to display your company logo in an entryway or office. There are many ways to add graphics to concrete, including technology that makes it possible to place high quality digital images on the floor. Stenciling and engraving concrete are also great ways to add logos and graphics to a floor.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are a natural alternative to granite or solid surface counter top that can be tailored to your needs. Concrete countertops have options such as a built-in sink, faucet, and drying rack. Rollinger Companies does not stop there; we also provide outdoor bar tops, fireplaces, large custom tables, and other endless possibilities for your project in Billings, MT.

Concrete countertops give the homeowner endless control over their project while ensuring that it's eco-friendly and sustainable. Concrete is durable, customizable, and can fit into any decor or personal style. Working with Rollinger Companies to create a one-of-a-kind countertop for your home is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure your personal style is imbued through the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

RCI is quality conscious family-owned business, that focuses solely on providing an excellent products and services for the cost. RCI values and appreciates our customers so if at any time you have questions or concerns before during or after your project has been completed, we can be reached by phone, text, or email. RCI is also actively supporting our community; by supporting us you are proudly supporting our community.

All of the walls and adjacent substrates are taped off and protected. We then prep the floor joints in the slab and mechanically prep the floor or walls. We than prep for installation of your floor system you have chosen. Once the systems have been completed and cured, we pull off all of the protection and clean up.
This depends on the coating and scope of project, for most garage style projects, generally the process takes 3-4 days. There are faster systems out there, however we just have found our systems to work best for our end results.
Our goal is to offer coatings that last 10 plus years with minimum to no maintenance but this will depend on the coating selected. We guarantee our coatings to never peel from lack of prep or quality of coating. We believe in doing it right the first-time philosophy. This minimizes our call backs from what we feel is a subpar material. Those same techniques are used today to assure our customers that they are getting the best products.
Our focus is to recommend products that have commercial or industrial strength for all our projects including residential. We use two exclusive suppliers as we have years of documented history with their performance.
All our floors are done by mechanical means either by grinding or shotblasting.
We ask that it is removed and stored else where prior to our arrival, in some cases our trailers may be available to serve as a storage unit while we are onsite.
We are required to use a vacuum system on our equipment while we do the preparation, incidences happen and some dust will escape, very minimal.
Cost is based on coating chosen and scenario being installed in. We assure you we have a system and budget for most applications.
In most cases we require a deposit of 50% prior to starting this allows us to order materials and supplies, the remaining balance (50%) is due upon completion or day we are cleaning up.

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