4 Ways Rollinger Companies uses Custom Concrete in Billings, MT

In Billings, MT, custom concrete is being used in more ways than ever before. In fact, this trend is gaining popularity throughout the U.S. For a long time, many people just thought of concrete as something that was used to make sidewalks or driveways.

In reality, though, concrete is an extremely versatile material. It is being used in both the interior and exterior of homes. The design is fresh and modern.

How are Billings, MT, custom concrete companies utilizing this material?

4 Unique Ways Billings, MT Custom Concrete Can Improve Your Home's Aesthetics

There are four ways that custom concrete can be used to make your home or building look better than ever.

1. Decorative Concrete Coatings

Do you have a concrete patio, driveway, or garage floor? If so, you can benefit from decorate concrete coatings. A Billings, MT concrete company like Rollinger Companies can cover your existing concrete with a coating that comes in a variety of colors and textures. This coating is extremely durable, so it will save you some money in the long run.

There are a number of ways to utilize decorative concrete coatings. They can be used on:

  • Interior surfaces, like enclosed garages, patios, laundry rooms, and basement floors.
  • Exterior surfaces, like exposed patios, porches, walkways, and even pool decks.

2. Custom Concrete Countertops

A custom concrete countertop is a wonderful addition to any home. They can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom. In fact, the concrete can be used to make a kitchen island, and even a sink. With some extra attention to concrete polishing, these custom concrete countertops can end up almost just as shiny as granite countertops. Add to that some joint sealing and you'll have a durable surface that won't crack down the road.

3. Historic Preservation

Older buildings are often made with a stone and water mixture, similar to modern concrete. These buildings often need renovations to ensure that they're properly preserved for posterity's sake. A Billings, MT, custom concrete company can help preserve these old buildings and restore them to their former beauty.

4. Decorative Concrete Division

Decorative concrete dividers add some privacy to a room or yard, and the designs can create a stunning work of art.

Rollinger Companies: Safety, Integrity, and Professionalism in Action Why should you choose Rollinger Companies for custom concrete in Billings, MT? Besides the fact that we have 20 years of experience, we also focus on safety, integrity, and professionalism. We do this by paying close attention to detail and being fully licensed and bonded.

If you live in Montana or the surrounding states, we can provide you with beautiful, quality custom concrete work that's within your budget. Whether you want to preserve some old concrete work or create a modern custom kitchen island, we can help.

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