Are Decorative Concrete Coatings Right for your Project?

While the use of concrete for construction projects continues to expand, the look people are expecting from concrete is rapidly evolving. Of course, much of the concrete being used every day is still the rather mundane plain, gray concrete most people are accustomed to, but new processes allow the material to be used in unique ways that complement modern decorating tastes. If you're considering a project where concrete will be used, why not explore the options for decorative concrete coatings rather than settling for plain concrete?

Why Is Decorative Concrete Increasingly Popular?

It's always important to understand just why concrete is so commonly used. Concrete is utilized because it is strong, can be used in virtually any setting, and is relatively inexpensive. Those properties are important to builders everywhere, but property owners are not enthralled with the look of concrete. That's where the concept of decorative concrete coatings and other concrete treatments come into play. When concrete in billings mt is required for strength and durability, owners understand they don't have some of the design options other materials allow, but they still want to add some character to their projects. Contractors offering custom concrete in billings mt to clients explain the decorative choices property owners can consider to make concrete more attractive without having to worry about any negative consequences. That, in the simplest form, is why decorative concrete strategies are being used more today than ever before.

Dying Concrete Provides That Much-Needed Splash of Color

In many instances, simply adding color to concrete will provide property owners with the unique look they're after. However, it's important to understand the best ways to accomplish that objective. Paints can be used to add color to an area, but painting is a very temporary solution, as virtually all paints tend to wear rather quickly. They also wear faster in high-traffic areas, meaning maintaining a consistent look when using typical paints will be problematic. That's why contractors routinely recommend using concrete dyes, as dyes are not simply a layer added to the top of concrete. Rather, they're in the concrete itself, which means the wear painted surfaces see won't be as big an issue whey dyes are used.

Older dyes did, however, tend to fade when exposed to direct sunlight, making them an inappropriate choice for many areas. Modern dye formulas last far longer, but still exhibit some fading after several years.

Stamped Overlays Add a New Dimension to Concrete

When property owners want a design in the concrete, a stamped overlay may be the best solution. A thin layer of concrete is poured over the base layer, and stamps of various designs are then used to add specific effects to the surface. The hardened concrete will take a great deal of abuse without showing wear, meaning it won't be necessary to repeat the process any time soon.

Polishing Concrete Generates a Unique Look

For many applications, a more contemporary polished look is considered to be desirable. Polished concrete provides a gloss finish that's attractive, and the floor can be stained to obtain a specific design effect. Again, the treatments are long lasting and relatively inexpensive when compared to many traditional flooring options.

If you're exploring decorative options for concrete, it pays to discuss your goals and budget with a contractor specializing in decorative concrete finishes. For more information or to obtain a cost estimate, get in touch with a concrete floor coating specialist today.

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